Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The island of Inishmaan, Aran Islands

We travelled by ferry to Inishmaan, the middle island of the Aran Islands.

We stayed at the Creig More B&B with Roger and Angela Faherty, lovely couple. 

 A few scenes from the beautiful village on Inishmaan.

Synge's cottage, where John Millington Synge spent some time around 1898-1902.

Synge's chair, where he often sat on the cliffs, looking over the Atlantic Ocean, for inspiration for his writing.

Visiting the fort on the hill. Built before 1200AD.

The new (1939) Catholic Church on Inishmaan.

The old church (about 1200 AD) down near the shore.

The woollen mills.

Cow herding consists of pulling out some rocks on one wall to let the cows through and then blocking up the wall again after the cows have got through the wall.

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